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ATLAS by AGBU brings together a community of educators - teachers, parents, caregivers - from around the globe to help make Armenian learning fun and exciting.

Become part of the ATLAS community by sharing tips on technology, best practices and helpful teaching experiences about Armenian educational tech tools with those like you!

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Suggested formats
  • Detailed list of steps/one-liners on how to use the digital product. For instance, “Ten Ways to Use the XYZ App at Home with Children.”
  • Article highlighting what the product is and how it is beneficial for children/adults. This style can include supporting classroom experience examples, student stories or statistics. For instance, “How XYZ Website Helped Me Make Armenian Language Lessons More Exciting.”
  • Personally-prepared lesson plan/exercises/games (if any) specifically prepared to be used along with the digital product. In this option, the material will be attached to a brief introduction of the product. For instance, “Learn new ways to use XYZ online games with my latest lesson plan.”